A video of Bethesda welcomes us to Constellation –

starfield It’s a new hub Posted by Bethesdawhich is actually not really focused on the actual game, it is based on the registration initiative for fans who want to receive news in advance, giving all those Welcome to Constellationrelevant program.

Given that Starfield is still not already visible, even this video will not fail to generate controversy and stinging comments, but we must consider it a video that is not distributed as promotional material for the game (it is not actually in the public list from the YouTube channel) and is intended for those who implement Register on the official Starfield websiteIn the plan Specifically called a constellation.

Anyway, this is also clearly part of the promotional machine Bethesda has built for this title, which promises to be really huge. Although there is no actual information that can be gleaned about the game from the video message in question, we can at least note how the . file is used Exit date Preparation continues for November 11, 2022, which appears to show some confidence, on the part of Bethesda, in being able to sustain it and not suffer delays.

It also shows how the company really refers a lot to this game, even with such a small message. Among other information, there is confirmation of the various names involved in the main roles of Starfield development, among which we clearly find Todd Howard as director, Emil Pagliarulo as design director and William Shen as lead mission designer, the latter being quite an interesting element as responsible for Fallout 4: Far Harbor, which It showed some good things in the course of building quests.

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For the rest, as reported in our special about what we know about Starfield, we remember that in the game Constellation is an organization that brings together many scientists and astronauts dedicated to space exploration and the discovery of new planets, in search of solutions to the better-defined “mystery” behind the entire movement. The a herounder the command of the spaceship Frontier, seems destined to discover a “key” to the interpretation of the mystery in question, around which his entire mission revolves around colonial systems.

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