A very strong shock that puts everyone in a state of fear

A violent earthquake hit not long ago. Panic and fear in the population who are now afraid of new seismic events.

earthquake in sicily

Earth revolts in Indonesia and shivering. In fact, a violent earthquake recently hit the coasts of Papua. The earthquake could have occurred at a depth of 10 km with a force 6.1 . size, which is a very large hilly event, which alarmed the entire population.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located 180 km northeast of Towal. At the moment, no damage to property or people has been reported. Indonesia has always been hit by earthquakes quite often. It is actually present in the known ring of fire from the Pacific Ocean. An area that is always famous for its great seismic activity.

Earthquake: Indonesia hit by earthquakes

Suffice it to say that just a few months ago, in January, more than 100 people died in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the region 6.2 . size that affected the island of Sulawesi. The worst went instead three years ago, when it was due 7.5 . earthquake 4,300 people lost their lives as a result of the tsunami.

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To understand the extent of the earthquake that occurred a short time ago in proportion to the magnitude of the narrative events that have occurred recently in our country. In 2016, an earthquake occurred size 6 It took place in central Italy and destroyed Amatrice and led to the deaths of 299 people. The hope is that this earthquake is not part of a larger earthquake swarm.

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