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A venomous snake bites a dog in a UK beauty spot as vets issue a dire warning

A venomous snake plunged its teeth into a dog’s neck, forcing him to stay overnight in an animal hospital.

Vets in Scotland issued an urgent warning last week about the dangers of snakes lurking in popular walking spots after a pet fell victim to a fatal bite.

Bearsden veterinarian Glenbrae Veterinary Clinics shared a case on Facebook with a photo of the offending snake.

According to the post, the dog and owner were enjoying a walk in Burncrooks Reservoir, a popular pedestrian area north of Milngavie, when the reptiles pounced and fear set in.

The dog was taken to an animal hospital overnight and last Thursday (May 19) was said to be “okay”.

Snake bites can kill a dog if left untreated

A vet said, “Hey folks, watch out for the styes in the Birnecrox Reservoir. My dog ​​was bitten in the neck this afternoon while we were on the road near the Hunting Club building.

“Knowing so little about snakes, I didn’t realize the immediate danger, yet these are the only venomous snakes in the UK that are harmful to people and pets if you bite them.

“Our little dog is now being monitored overnight at the animal hospital, and fortunately, he is doing well so far. If you see one of these, avoid it!”

According to the Wildlife Trust, the viper is the only venomous snake in the UK and prefers woodland, swampy and bog habitats.

racing dog

The dog is not the first to suffer from a snakebite in the UK this year (stocked image)

Sam, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was bitten by a rattlesnake while outing in Gower, South Wales and spent three days fighting for his life.

Fortunately, he continued to recover, but with a £3,500 bill, owner Charlotte wanted to warn other dog owners amid a growing number of similar incidents.

One such concern cost the dog’s owner £1,000 in antivenom after a snakebite knocked a coda to the ground in eerie silence.

Paula was walking with her daughter Amy and their dogs Coda and Willow in Northumberland National Park last month when a snake struck.

injured dog

Antitoxin shots can cost desperate dog owners thousands of pounds (file photo)

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Paula’s mom thought it was nothing more than an imminent mistake when Koda hit the bridge and flipped over in silence.

However, as they continued to walk, two-year-old Vizla’s face became more and more swollen on a nightmarish walk.

Fortunately, Paula was prepared with an extra package, but it turned out that it wasn’t enough to completely save Koda. A vet broke the news that antivenoms alone can cost up to £1,000 per vial.

“I was relieved that the antivenoms were available and the money saved – we didn’t care how much,” Paula said.

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