“A vaccine alone is not enough, a limitation for Christmas”

The possibility of more varante Omicron Covid in the EU is ‘too high’ and ‘in the current situation,’ Vaccination alone will not prevent its effectThis is the conclusion of the recent update of the Rapid Risk Assessment, issued by ECDC, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, which calls in the document toRapid reintroduction and strengthening of non-pharmacological procedures to reduce the running delta transmission and slow the spread of Omicron”.

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“There is an urgent need to take strong action to reduce transmission, ease the heavy burden on health systems and protect the most vulnerable in the coming months. Countries have different response options ahead of the Christmas holidays,” explains Andrea Amon, ECDC Director. Accordingly, the appropriate use of masks, remote work, preventing crowding in public places, reducing congestion in public transport, staying home when sick, maintaining hand and street hygiene procedures, and ensuring adequate ventilation in enclosed spaces remain priorities. . distances.” He warned that states “can expect a robust appeal of cases if they rescind these interventions.”

For probable or confirmed cases of omicron infection, the CDC director continues, “Contact tracing should be prioritized, regardless of vaccination status. Testing remains an important tool, and people with symptoms should be tested regardless of their vaccination statusAnother critical component is the isolation of positive people. Genomic surveillance remains of great importance and sequencing should be performed to confirm infection with a particular variant.”

Ammon argues that these measures “will not only help keep us healthy, but also protect those around us. By working together, we can overcome the ordeal caused by the pandemic. With the holiday season approaching, we need more than a lack of solidarity.”

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Omicron cases are concerned between vaccines

The expert also reported that “the emergence of the Omicron variant has raised serious concerns due to initial reports about Clusters of cases even among fully vaccinated people“.” There are indications that community transmission of the “new boom” is already underway in EEA/EEA countries, he reiterates, citing key points from the recent update of the rapid assessment of Covid risk in the region.

“And on the basis of prediction models, he adds, another rapid increase in cases “associated with Omicron” is imminent. So much so that we “assess the probability of spread of the variant in the EU/see as very high, and it is very likely that this” will cause more Hospitalizations and deaths, in addition to those already forecast in previous forecasts that only took into account the delta variable.”

The efficacy of vaccines against severe delta results remains high – Amon points out – so vaccination remains a key component in addressing the circulation of the delta and reducing the effect of Omicron. According to surveillance data, vaccines have so far saved nearly half a million lives. And countries, the CDC director urges, “should step up efforts to increase the full vaccination of people who are not yet or only partially vaccinated.” regarding administering the stimulant doses to all eligible ones as quickly as possible.”

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