A teenager died after an accident, and his father died of a heart attack

A double-family family drama struck: a teenager died after a skiing accident, and his father also died of a heart attack.

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A 14-year-old girl who was injured in a skiing accident died a few days after her father died of a heart attack. The man tried to visit his daughter in the hospital. The girl’s mother posted on Facebook the news of the death of each of her relatives in this painful way.

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Erlene Zwercher was hospitalized Saturday at MetroHealth Medical Center after her skiing accident at the Cleveland Metroparks Hinckley Reserve in Medina County, according to a story provided by her mother, Katie Dougherty, Zwercher. When they got to the hospital, Jared, Erlin’s father, had a severe heart attack and died.

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Her mother said that Erlin had suffered a “brain injury” and had been transferred from resuscitation equipment on Wednesday. She was an organ donor and helped save five people. Before taking Erieline out of the life support machines, mother Dougherty Zwercer wrote: “Her father went to heaven before her, just as he crossed the line first in every Mario Kart game they played together. She was waiting on the balcony until he came home to greet him with the biggest embrace before he could even be able to Enter the house. I think it awaits you now with the same anxious expectation. “

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After this, Dougherty Zwercher said, “I am very grateful for the support I received after the tragic accident. The MetroHealth and Lifebanc employees graciously toured my family during some of the toughest hours of our lives. It is a gift to know that my daughter’s kind spirit will last a lifetime to those who received her organs.” It was Erlin. A student at Copley Spring Garden School, Waldorf, was just accepted to St. Vincent’s St .. Mary’s High School, the same institution where her mother studied.

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