A tax man who searches for tax evaders using an algorithm, checks accounts and invoices: how it will work

Crossing tax databases to find the Italian taxpayers most at risk of tax evasion will be about to begin, such as Writes Andrea Bassi on Prophet. This should be the time since the ministerial decision outline has already been sent to the privacy guarantor who has raised several disputes in the past. A scheme that, at least this time, would have included the notes of the same guarantor that were sent in February to the Ministry of Economy. In short, the green light grounds are all there, and the government is pushing for June in order to start inspections in July. The goal remains to activate all the algorithms that make it possible, thanks to taxpayer databases, to verify taxpayers. The intersection of information is also a cornerstone of a recovery and resilience plan. The government wants to push taxpayers into voluntary compliance. Letters in which the citizen is asked to settle the bill before initiating an official investigation. The Executive’s commitment to Europe is to increase the sending of these messages by 15 percent. 2.5 million expected messages.

How will the new algorithm work?

The various statements will end up in the eyes of the Revenue Agency and the Guardia di Finanza. We go from checking accounts to credit cards, from sports expenses to real estate and stock records to health care expenses (the latter can jump with guarantor concerns). But, specifically, how will the new financial algorithm work? always second ProphetTwo will be created data set, or two lists of taxpayers. The first will identify the masses of taxpayers who may have a much higher risk of tax evasion than others. In the second list, on the other hand, will end up with taxpayers who represent one or more tax risks. Real names of taxpayers will not be indicated, only pseudonyms. Only when the letter has been sent (invitation to pay or real assessment) will the name be revealed.

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Photo on the cover of the reference: ANSA / LUCA ZENNARO

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