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A student with autism found a job thanks to video games

A truly extraordinary story, showing that living with a disability doesn’t mean having closed doors. Jesse Cross, 17 resident Australia fight with Autism But this did not stop him in any way.

The young man was actually able to transform his passion for me Video games And to get Programming for real work. Jesse’s mother accidentally met Minds at Play, a company that provides game sessions for people with disabilities who can therefore play with each other. Jesse later asked the team if it was possible to conduct a game session focused on video game programming. The organization was impressed by the young man’s knowledge and chose to give him the opportunity to do so education to develop video game.

Autism and normality: teaches Jesse how to program a video game

At the end of these sessions, I asked the students: Do you think this is a topic that you would like to continue studying?“Every pupil said yes,” he said. “We’re thinking about opening a 10-week program and Jesse is trying to figure out what he wants to do“His mother was captivated.”Being a boy with autism, he is also learning how to fit in better with the world“.

But for now, there are new goals, like the third quarter of the school year that Jesse is preparing for. In the meantime, the boy has also done other things, like over 100 different projects, but it doesn’t end there. The goal would also be to start a business by selling what its token is. These are his words:

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I can package it and turn it into an executable file, which means if I click on a program, it will start upJesse declares.There are important opportunities to grow if you want to. We are all trying to find a purpose in the world and maybe I have found mine“.

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