A student with autism finds a job thanks to his talent for video games

Jesse, a student from the town of Bree in the federal state of South Australia, has a dog named Sookie and his favorite Pokemon is Charizard. He and his two brothers have autism and share a passion for video games. “I’ve always loved video games, I think I started playing when I was five or six,” said the boy.

Jesse’s mother, Tijan, said it was difficult to find a special needs service center in her area to help the children develop.

to achieve their goals. Then I came across the organization

minds at play

, which provides customized online gaming sessions for people with disabilities who can therefore play together, enhancing communication and social interaction skills. Thanks to the organization’s suggestions, Jesse’s brothers began to have fun

Maine Craft

And the

dungeons and dragons

But a simple game was not enough for him.

Unable to find enough engagement during play sessions, Jesse asked the Minds at Play team if someone was focusing on the game.

Video game programming

However, the discovery that the organization was unaware of how this process worked. The organizers of Minds at Play were impressed by the boy’s acquaintance, surprised Jesse

Give him a chance to teach

To develop a video game. Jesse organized three programming sessions during the school holidays, the first of which was cut in less than two minutes.

Jesse Cross - Autism - Video Games - Programmer
National Disability Insurance Agency

Dean of Berry Regional Secondary College.

Emily Greggs

Help Jesse create an educational curriculum in preparation for his lessons.

Jesse said he was happy to start his first paid job and the opportunity to benefit from his experience, although he admitted how “worrying” the whole thing was.

. However, thanks to the support of his family, Jesse found the right support moving forward.

He said, “At the end of these sessions, I asked the students: Do you think this is a topic that you would like to continue studying?” , and every student said yes.” His mother said, “We are thinking about opening a 10-week program, and Jesse is trying to figure out what he wants to do.”

Being a boy with autism, he is also learning to fit in better with the world


In the meantime, Jesse is preparing for the third quarter of the school year, but with many opportunities open.

He has created more than 100 different projects and can start a business by selling his code

. “I can compile it and turn it into an executable, which means if I click on a program, it will start,” says Jesse. “There are significant opportunities to grow if you want to.

We are all trying to find a purpose in the world and I may have found mine


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