A streak of gorgeous pink flowers with a hardwearing succulent perfect for gardens and porches

The sight of this evergreen plant will be the envy of all neighbors for its small and seemingly delicate appearance and flowers.

They look like a pillow of very special greasy leaves, like little mouths. Hence the name OscolariaIt originated from the Latin curriculum and specifically means “little mouth”.

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Perfect for growing in pots on porches or in rock gardens like a twin Jupiter’s beard, Is a highly resistant succulent plant that in spring turns into a series of gorgeous pink flowers.

A streak of gorgeous pink flowers with a hardwearing succulent perfect for gardens and porches

It is native to Africa, plant Oscolaria Deltoid is a succulent plant species that is highly resistant and easy to reproduce.

After the summer season, this is pruned to remove dead branches and a small portion of the twig plant or even oily leaves can be planted in soft soil. By evaporating a little water daily, after a while the young roots grow quickly and without problems.

This original plant, aesthetically beautiful, consists of a network of small branches with fatty and tiny leaves. In the summer it turns into a real green mantle decorated with many light-scented pink flowers.

How to grow Oscularia without difficulty

In the garden or on the balcony, in hanging pots or on rocky walls, the exceptional beauty of this plant can be seen from afar and leaves everyone speechless.

To get excellent flowering, theopen Ideal for this type of plant with direct sunlight. In summer it is not afraid of extreme temperatures, and in winter it does not fall below 4 degrees Celsius.

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The plant develops very superficially, which is why it does not need deep pots. The Topsoil Ideally, it should not be pressurized but above all drains well to avoid stagnation of water.

L ‘Irrigation It should happen when the soil is completely dry. If the plant grows in the garden, then this does not require constant watering, while if it is grown in pots, then it will need frequent watering. You only need to test the soil with your hands to see if it is barren and start watering it.

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