A storm on two American universities, they use the bones of African American children – Ultima Aura

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, April 24 – A storm in the USA on two of the prestigious Ivy League universities. In fact, the request for an apology goes to the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton, accused of preserving and using the bones of some African American children killed by the Philadelphia police in 1985 for educational purposes. And they demand the return of the remains.

The facts go back 36 years ago when agents decided to drop some explosives from a helicopter in an attempt to clear a building occupied by anarchist African-American fighters and to end an armed conflict.

Eleven people were killed in the fire, including 5 children. Bone fragments belonging to the remains of the victims, including the pelvis and femur of an African American girl, will now be used as part of an online course in forensic anthropology. This is in the absence of any permission from family members, who were apparently unaware of the fact that the two universities had kept the remains of the victims.

A Princeton spokesperson said, “We are gathering all the necessary information to understand how things have gone.” Meanwhile, leaders of the “Move” movement, to which the victims of the 1985 events belong, are calling for justice and an investigation. Meanwhile, a demonstration was announced on April 28 in front of the University of Pennsylvania, along with representatives of Bklack Lives Matter from Philadelphia. (handle).

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