“A slave to my thoughts, I wanted to disappear undisturbed.”

Verbania – For three days he did not tell about himself, which indicates the worst. Sebastiano BianchiThe 29-year-old basketball player under the Legnano Knights in the second division, explains on Instagram the reasons that led him to stay away from his loved ones: “The intent was not to frighten or provoke panic and anxiety. My goal was the opposite: I’ve been back in existence for months A slave to negative thoughts Which I thought I left behind forever.”, we read in his social profile.

Basketball Anxiety: Sebastiano Bianchi is gone

Sebastiano Bianchi is back home and he’s fine

Bianchi after returning home: “I apologize for my gesture

Bianchi, who in the meantime He returned to training with his teamWe regret this gesture:ask sorry girl And all the consequences it caused, the intent was not to frighten or cause panic and anxiety Read the story on Instagram. My goal was the opposite: for months now I have returned to being a slave to the negative thoughts I thought I had left behind forever, in a moment of deep crisis with no way out but to disappear, in silence, undisturbed. I can’t stand it for others to insinuate it Huge annoyance in me And they were burdened with it or they bore my suffering. But one cannot escape from oneself. The basketball player thanks all the people who were close to him at this very moment: “RI thank anyone who devoted an idea or message to me and especially to my family; realized that there Many people available to help and support me, Despite your excessive way of living and living, you left something as good in you as you were in me. I assure you that I felt so good and I am sincerely grateful for it“.

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