A shortage of doctors in hospitals. Incentives for those who choose to work in Calabria

The shortage of doctors in hospital wards (not a little) worries the structure of commissioners and health administration in the region. The imminent arrival of summer could exacerbate the emergency in structures already tested every day due to the huge burden of patients seeking treatment. There is an urgent need to take action to ensure health care standards At least enough, but even more so in the most disadvantaged areas.

Faced with a tragic situation, the solution devised by the leaders of the structure that guides health care in Calabria will be Getting Calabria recognized as a “disadvantaged region”. If the carabinieri and the policemen and judges who come to work between Pollino and the Strait have professional economic recognition – this is the reasoning that is carried out on the upper floors of the castle – because Calabria is a disadvantaged region, the doctors must also possess it. Hence the idea of ​​agreeing on a regulatory text with the Ministry of Economy, to be included in one of the measures that will soon be studied in Parliament, aimed at ensuring an incentive system for those who choose to practice their professional activity in hospitals and clinics in Calabria. This would be the way, at least in the intentions of Roberto Okiotto and his closest aides, to confront a paradoxical situation, with doctors continuing to be appointed at a snail’s pace due to the lack of specialists willing to invest their future in this land. .

Read the full report in the print edition of Gazzetta del Sud – Calabria

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