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It often happened that, during floods caused by powerful hurricanes, photos and videos of alleged sharks appeared on social networks, swimming in unusual places, such as flooded streets or subway stations in Australia, Florida or Puerto Rico. With some in-depth analysis, it was always discovered that not all of these images were true, but that they were created and then circulated online in somewhat good faith to warn of potential danger, or to create some confusion.

Last week, after passing Devastating Hurricane Ian, A video of this type circulated on social media again, in which we see what appears to be a shark swimming in a flooded road in Florida, in the United States. But this time, the video turned out to be original, although it is not known if the marine animal seen was actually a shark.

The image of a shark swimming in flooded streets on the Internet is known as “hurricane sharkOr using the hashtag #streetshark. It started circulating in 2011 during the passage ofHurricane Irene In Puerto Rico, the group of Caribbean islands that are part of the United States: in the following years it was resumed and used – identical or retouched – on many other occasions, for example withHurricane Sandy in 2012 orHurricane Harvey In 2017. “Shark Twister” basically became a kind of me mewhich is digital content that spreads very quickly across the Internet, accompanied by humorous comments, often without knowing its origin or being sure of its authenticity.

A video of a shark swimming in Florida was also initially seen with some doubt. But then both site a story (which deals with checking the news circulating on social networks) Both News agency Verify the authenticity of the images by examining the video’s metadata and identifying the person who filmed it: Dominic Kamata, a Fort Myers-area construction worker who filmed it Wednesday, September 28, with his smartphone. The doubt remains whether what you see in the video is actually a shark or another marine animal: the fin emerging from the water wasn’t enough for the two shark experts who heard News agency To say for sure.

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