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A Severe Attack from China on the United States. Geopolitics, Atlas

On March 7, in his first public appearance, three months after taking office, PRC Foreign Minister Qin Gang People’s republic of China With his past as ambassador to Washington, he vehemently attacked the United States, speaking of “hysterical neo-McCarthyism” and of “the search not for competition but for conflict.” Qin Gang also emphasized the centrality of an issue Taiwan, a source of renewed tension, suggesting for the future a serious difficulty in relations between the two superpowers: «If the United States does not invalidate but continues to accelerate down the wrong path, there will certainly be conflicts and clashes. Who will bear the disastrous consequences? “

It is really unusual for Chinese leaders to speak publicly in this way about the dangers of a clash between Beijing and Washington, but in the new climate that is being created, it has already happened twice in the space of a few days; In fact, on Monday, March 6 Chinese President Xi Jinping Western countries have been blamed on top United State, By carrying out “all-out containment, encirclement and suppression measures against China, which has brought unprecedented challenges to our country’s development.” The contradiction between China and the United States is based on strategic motives, as has been evident for many years now, but the deterioration of relations has recently witnessed an escalation with the spy balloon crisis, which erupted in early February, which led to the cancellation of the foreign minister’s visit to China. Anthony Blinken And at the end of the relative détente that began in November with the Bali Ben meeting Joe Biden And Xi Jinping on the occasion G20. Tension was also heightened by Washington’s strong rejection of Beijing’s peace plan for Ukraine. China accuses the United States of obstructing a negotiated solution to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine and thus actually increasing it. Also at the press conference on March 7, Chen Gang reiterated that China “has not supplied arms to either side of the Ukraine conflict” and called US threats to impose sanctions on China unacceptable. Among Beijing’s main interests is the Asian activity of the United States, which was highlighted by the visit of the Secretary General to the People’s Republic of China Jens Stoltenberg was born in South Korea and Japan in January by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s mission to the Philippines in February and the agreements and decisions that followed.

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Above all, the question of Taiwan weighs heavily on the relations between the two countries, so it seems that tensions will increase when he becomes the president of Taiwan. Tsai Ing-wen He will meet the speaker Kevin McCarthy In California in early April, insisting on an approach that, for Beijing, violates the One China principle. Kevin McCarthy was originally supposed to fly to Taipei, but Tsai Ing-wen wisely preferred that the meeting take place in the United States, in a symbolically less forceful manner. Despite this caution, a new wave of disagreements and bitterness is expected between the two superpowers on the occasion of this meeting.

Photo: Chen Gang (January 13, 2023). Credits: © Présidence du Bénin [Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)]Via

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