A reboot inspired by Battlefield 3 and the cross generation, according to an insider –

Battlefield 6 It is the protagonist of a new wave of rumors that you want Inspired by Battlefield 3 e Via gen, Which also comes to PS4 and Xbox One, according to insider Tom Henderson, with the possibility that it is Reboot It’s just called Battlefield.

As stated in the video below, Henderson is referring to unspecified sources, however he is taking into account some valid information that has been published in the past, especially regarding matters related to Call of Duty and Battlefield, even if it is still revolving around Rumors Wild.

Battlefield 6 could be Simply called “Battlefield”, Without a chapter identification number, perhaps to show some kind of chain restart, or “simple restart”, as such a process is sometimes specified. The main focus of the new chapter will be large-scale battles, even including 128 playersAccording to the relevant insider.

The inspiration from Battlefield 3 could relate to the setting, which this chapter is modern / contemporary, the general style of combat, with extensive use of vehicles and various types of interaction with maps.

In any case, as reported, the new Battlefield 6 must arrive PS4 and Xbox One Hence it will be a common address, even if there is Differences Important between the different versions.

For example, in previous generation consoles, multiplayer may be banned for a maximum of 64 players, with teams of 32 players in addition to limitations regarding interaction and Destroying scenarios Compared to the PS5 and Xbox Series X releases | S. The PS4 and Xbox One versions could also be under development by a different team than the following releases, which will be confirmed as the flagship releases.

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Some time ago, it was revealed that Battlefield 6 is not what fans want, according to an insider, but in this new information there are no special reactions beyond the fact that it is multi-generational, something that buyers of new consoles may not appreciate. .

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