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A rare Greenland shark was found on the Corniche beach » Science News

A few days ago some hunters saw him.

A rare example of Greenland shark Discover Meta on the Beach in Cornwall in the UK. This animal is also known as Gray shark or polar shark It belongs to the family Somniosidae and lives mainly in the waters of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Rob DeVille, From the Zoological Society of London’s Investigation Program, after analyzing the carcass, the specimen, over 3 meters long, stranded, is believed to have been 100 years old or slightly more.

United Kingdom: A rare Greenland shark was found on the Corniche beach.

The Greenland shark is believed to be the longest-living vertebrate, with some specimens living up to 500 years. The analysis also showed that she was a female and may have stranded and then died. “Now this animal is definitely not that old, but is it over 100 years old? Probably, but we need to receive samples before we can accurately determine that” explain Devil.

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