A rare Ducati that had been left for 20 years was found in a wooden box before it was sold –

A collector’s item, especially if it is in a limited edition, is tempting to many. And if it is still in its original packaging, then this object can launch real auctions. Ducati MH900e caseStored for twenty years in the shipping package e Sold a few weeks ago for $45,000 on the site fetch.

Dedicated to Mike Hillwood

Born as a sketch presented at the 1998 Motorcycle Show, Made by MH900e Borgo Panigale house Inspired by the 900SS that won the 1978 Isle of Man Tourism Cup. And it was the great Mike Hailwood – a nine-time MotoGP World Champion with 76 wins from 142 races – who led her to success.

Sold out in 31 minutes

The ones designed by Pierre Terblanc which, on the other hand, represented a kind of turning point in the history of Ducati. Because it’s already in 1999When the internet wasn’t as popular as it is today,At Casa Bolognese – who asked enthusiasts through an online survey… New bike design – riusc to sell the entire MH900e range through its website. In just 31 minutes From the opening of sales on January 1, 2000, All 2,000 samples found owners willing to spend 15,000 euros on a nail.

Twenty years in the warehouse

It seems impossible – but this story proves otherwise – that one of these very rare models, as it were, disappeared into thin air for a long time. While that, Copy #875 shipped to Rockville Harley Davidson Gaithersburg, Maryland, in 2002, and since then, it has been in the US Agency’s warehouse (authorized to sell Ducati e BMW in the United States) to collect dust.

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Sold for $45,000

At least until when Sammy 1204 (This is the buyer’s nickname) Bought it for $45K Bring a trailer. The lucky collector (?), at that point, would have been seized by a Hamletic doubt: to open the package or not? If he chooses the first option, You’ll encounter a motorcycle still covered in sheet plastic and a 904cc twin-cylinder air-cooled engine never used from 2002 to today (then belts, tubes, and gaskets). Not to mention the possibility of having to subject your new core to a thorough and meticulous maintenance intervention. But for a collector’s item – more so in its original packaging – the game might be worth it…

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