A problem with Steam Cloud caused many players to lose their progress –

A problem in rescue operations On Steam Cloud It made many players lose their lead in the PC version of elden ringcausing quite a few resentments within the community, isn’t really happy with the stuttering that plagued the game.

But what happened? You are primarily asked if you want to download the cloud save or if you want to upload the local save to the cloud. This is not strange, because it happens in many addresses, but in the Elden Ring many archives on the cloud seem to be dated and there are many who mis-loaded them, so as to overwrite the local archives and lose all progress later. In some cases we’re talking about hours of wasted play, in other days. You think you just killed a boss with a massive effort and you have to do it again through no fault of your own…

Bandai Namco said it was aware of the problem of bad saves on Steam Cloud and is working to resolve it. In the meantime, he’s advised to read the concurrent rescue dates carefully so you don’t end up losing progress. The date and time of cloud and local files can be read in Steam notifications and players should be careful to choose the most recent.

It is also recommended to do a stretch to support From local saves, so you don’t lose them permanently, in case they are overwritten.

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