A problem that the United States wants to alleviate

Junk Space Missions
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there space junk its a problem. Not for us, but for future space missions and partly also for some of our comforts. The danger of fragments in orbit at high speed lies in their ability to collide with departing rockets, returning already existing spacecraft and satellites. In addition to this danger, any impact will, in turn, aggravate the presence of debris.

Trying to organize this aspect is very important because we focus more and more on space, not less. More missions, more dangers and more debris. Again, there are those who seek treatment and specifically the United States through Federal Communications Commissionwhich has a direct interest, among other things, precisely because of satellite communication systems.

Space junk, a problem to be solved

words FCC:

“It will mean more responsibility and less risk of collisions that increase orbital debris and the potential for space communications failure. Dead satellites, discarded rocket cores and other debris now fill the space environment, creating challenges for current and future missions. The second space age is here. In order to continue to grow, We need to do more to clean ourselves up so that space innovation can continue to respond.Without a safe operating environment, the risk of debris can escalate from financial rethinking to the danger of doublethink and can complicate operations in a way that slows or limits new space efforts by increasing mission costs.

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