A phone call between Biden and Putin. White House: “Navalny’s poisoning expresses concern.”

It was certainly not a simple conversation between the newly elected US President, Joe BidenAnd its Russian counterpart, Russian President Vladimir Putin. As the White House spokesman said, Jane PsakiThe issues addressed during the talks between the two heads of state are very divisive, and in some files the Democrat did not hesitate to express his opposition to how The Kremlin He runs it. Above all, the poisoning of a dissident Russian blogger, Alexey Navalny.

About the events related to Putin’s main opponent, who ended up in prison upon his return from home GermanyWhere he was still recoveringPoisoning Last August, Biden said he was anxious.

But he didn’t just talk about the Navalny case. During the interview, he also reached out Ukrainian fileAnother sore point for Moscow. No criticism was spared, he recalled Washington Supports Ukraine in the face ofRussian aggression“.

Although trying to make more progress on the regeneration New Beginning Treaty On nuclear arsenals, as Biden himself suggested, the US president did not hesitate to address an issue Russian interference in the American elections, From cyberattacchi Moscow, an alleged “reward” for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Putin, for his part, has said he supports one “Normalization” of relations With the United States led by Joe Biden, and the Kremlin moved it after the phone call between the two presidents, but it is clear that after four years of Donald TrumpAs relations with Moscow have been ever tense, the two presidents will have to review substantially their agreements with the new administration.

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