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Perseverance of Mars is a victory for man. But let’s look at the numbers.
Jazero Crater, a crater in a large crater, a 1,200 km long basin, there has been water for billions of years. Yesterday evening at 21.55, NASA’s probe is in the Perseverance Hole. 471 million kilometers flight from Earth, seven months to arrive and bring the best technology out there, including a small helicopter that will fly to Mars. And the very best of human technology to manufacture, conceive, assemble, charge, and persevere. The triumph of science, the triumph of intelligence, a hymn to the capabilities of all humankind. However, taking a quick look at pictures of this project etc. we’re not going to dedicate more. How to get the divine comedy in your hands and quickly scroll through the pages, pausing to peek at the illustrations only.

For some reason, many established and unexplained reasons, the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of the company escape from us. Not to mention the framework in which the perseverance of the task is placed: Mission, station, inhabited base on Earth on Mars. Even without looking at the decades-long project that led to humans settling on Mars (After all is not far in time) here and today will be enough for the excitement: the distances of the planets, the unknown, the craft, the transmissions between Earth and Mars (from 5 to 20 minutes of interval to talk to each other), the power of computing, which can not be controlled And that still exists, the suspense in the minutes of the landing on Mars, as it is in the movies, but it is real.

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Mars, on Mars to search, to find out if there was life on Mars in another era. Life on Mars, one of the deepest suggestions of the Sons of Earth, is something that captures all of our imaginations on this planet, sometimes with the feeling that there is something to worry about us on Mars.

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