A Pension With 41 Years Contributions (For All): How Much Does It Cost Us?

to me Pensions We are talking about “Convergence“Between the unions and the government in relation to the proposal of the social partners to allow retirement, regardless of age, upon his attainment 41 years of subscriptions seniority.

a Quote 41 for everyone, In contrast to what is happening today, given that access to retirement with 41 years of contributions (and a 3-month renewable window) is reserved for some categories of premature workers.

We personally remain skeptical. In fact, we do not believe in the possibility of the Draghi government taking responsibility Class 41 costs for everyone, As this may have a greater impact than the quota of 100.

The executive actually did – many times – to find out There is no intention to increase pension spending We will comply with the requirements of the European Union. Confirmation that Odds 41 for everyone is more difficult than you think. On the other hand, the Lega-Movimento 5 Stelle government was also considering approving the measure, but then decided in favor of Quota 100 is less expensive.

If Conte’s first government fails – among the ones that have spent the most on pensions in recent years – as would be expected of Draghi’s government, which among other things is bound by EU recommendations to access recovery plan resources?

Pensions: How much will portion 41 cost for everyone

Meanwhile, it should be noted that Concentrate all resources (Little) is available for pension reform For share 41 for everyone Would lead Punish women. These, in fact, were already deprived of the quota of 100, given the difficulty of getting 38 years of contributions, not to mention a measure of flexibility that would require 41 years of contributions.

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And the The cost per share is 41 for everyone (Without penalties) It would be very high. Introducing the quota of 41 without restrictions (thus eliminating the standard for premature workers and those in need of greater protection) would have a cost. 12 billion euros more every year (Once this is fully functional).

Another increase Italy cannot afford, as it is one of the countries that already spends the most on pensions. Today, social security spending is close to 300 billion euros a year 16.7% Of national GDP. This number – also due to quota 100 – is set to increase in the coming years: without introducing other flexibility measures, such as quota 41 for everyone, pension spending in Italy should reach its peak by the end of 2036. 17.4%.

Finding the resources to introduce a quota of 41 for all will not be easy at all and it is by no means clear that there is political will.

Quote 41 for everyone only with penalties

We are not saying anything new. Insiders know that letting you retire with 41 years of contributions (and thus reviewing current early retirement requirements) would be his The current cost is not sustainable.

And it is no coincidence that Lega – one of the most active parties when it comes to pension reform – introduced a bill providing for a quota of 41 for everyone, but with Punish those who decide to use it. In detail, the proposal follows what has already been accomplished with the female option, stating a Recalculate the full contribution For those who decide to resort to this procedure. Only in this way can the scale be economically sustainable, but at the same time less beneficial to those who benefit from it.

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