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For all lovers of astronomical observations Never miss an appointment that of Tuesday 25 October. There will already be Partial solar eclipse visible from all over Italy. there Percentage coverage of the solar disk It would not be such as to cause a noticeable decrease in brightness to the human eye but It will be a good show In any case. You will see the maximum coverage of the city Belluno with Disc covered 30%rather minimal a Palermo with 22% tablet coated. Needless to repeat it The sun should never be observed without proper solar filtersto avoid Irreversible damage to the retina. after saying thisAnd let’s see how it can be seen from some Italian sites signal in climax. Thus, the displayed time is UTC Two hours must be added for local time. phenomenon It will start between 11:15 and 11:35 AM and end around 13:20.

from Milan

from Venice

from Rome

from Cagliari

from Palermo

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