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Good news in the field of taxation: in fact, a new method has arrived that intensifies controls on tax evasion for Italian citizens. Checks are intended to analyze data on current accounts and electronic bills obtained through ATMs and real estate assets. Let’s try to understand how the new algorithm works together!

The Ways to combat tax evasion They continue to evolve, leaving less opportunity for cunning. The new control algorithm is called VeRa, and it will cross data on checking accounts, outgoing electronic invoices, along with purchases and ATMs. Abbreviation vera Stands for verification of financial report.

The IRS is increasingly turning to technological means of validating obligations by taxpayers.

The VeRa algorithm: how does it work?

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Let’s first see what the new algorithm is and how it works. The VeRa . system It uses a complex algorithm with Artificial intelligence, which uses matching data provided by credit cards and balance sheet data. The data used will be associated with:

  • Current accounts;
  • real estate and financial assets;
  • Electronic bills
  • Payments made by card or debit card (or other traceable means).

Counselor Santoro explained the mechanism:

It begins with the results of the record of financial relations or all current accounts. If the algorithm identifies significant deviations between the balance at the beginning of the year and that at the end of the year, and they appear to be unjustified by anything, such as inheritances, donations, property sales, and earnings, then management will take the first step.

The new VeRa algorithm: a new era of tax controls

tax calculation

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What will change with the new controls anti evasion New VeRa Warranty? The introduction of this algorithm will undoubtedly bring advantages, but the basic idea of ​​the Revenue Agency and the Government is Encourage spontaneous participationwhether for automatic tax payment or debt settlement.

The other big news is the use of drones for analysis No ghost characteristics. This will make it easier to check for any fraud or fraud against the state.

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