A new study reveals the truth about colorectal cancer and the consumption of processed foods

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that affects men and women. One study noted the relationship with nutrition.

We know that well now Proper nutrition helps prevent many diseases. And also Some types of cancer The most popular.


The colorectal cancerfor example, is currently The third tumor is in males and the second in females. The tumor arises whenUncontrolled proliferation of cells in the mucous membrane that lines the last part of the intestine. “

Even today, According to the Ministry of Health website, tens of thousands of diagnoses are estimated annually. In 2021, deaths associated with colorectal cancer were more than 20,000. Whoever is affected by the disease, at least from our country’s data, has 65% chance of survival.

Remember that, among other things The European Union recently agreed to expand the scope of free screening. In order to combat the most serious diseases and even the most common types of cancer. These include of the colon and rectum. But now let’s find out What emerged from a new study.

Colorectal cancer and processed foods consumption, here’s a new study looking at the link

A study was recently published, which wanted to examine the relationship between certain foods and the appearance of colorectal cancer. The publication is available on the British Medical Journal website.

The Directed by Lu Wang from Tufts University in the United StatesI looked at the data from above 200 thousand participants. More specifically, 159,907 women and 46,341 men. The observation continued many yearsThis was done by the gods Questionnaires submitted to the subjects. In questions, request communication Frequent consumption of certain foods labeled as “ultra-processed”.

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according to ResultsThose who eat ultra-processed foods have 29% more likely to develop colorectal cancer. By ultra-processed foods, we meanMeat, poultry, prepared fish products, sugary drinks and/or carbonated soft drinks, fruit drinks and sugary milk drinks. “

In addition to Scientists found slight differences in appearance between men and women. But more than anything else, there are also differences in the way the above-mentioned ultra-processed foods are consumed.

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naturally In-depth studies will be requiredbut this also proves once again how a file‘power supply carry A key role in health – or not – for all individuals. In every part of the world.

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