A new model is also available in Italy, as one of our readers showed us –

One of our dear readers has sent us pictures showing how to use a file new model from PS5 Now also for sale at Italy. Perhaps the stock of the previous device ran out, Sony immediately began distributing the latest version of the devices.

It all started with us Official Telegram Channel Where was the user gabrytallica from Bolzano, in the century Gabriel Baldo (To which we all give a big thank you as well as the exciting calendar of Alessio Pianesani that we usually reserve only for the editorial team), show everyone your new PS5. Upon checking the box, we found out that it is the new model, and CFI-116A, It can also be read in one of the corners. Then he posted more photos, and he actually broke the news.

At this point, we asked him to be able to post it, sweetly as it is, he shot some exclusive photos (you can find them in the gallery below) and there we go. Of course, it is above all the interesting box, in which the console itself remains identical to the previous model.

As you can see, the packaging is also identical, except for the initials.

Note that Gabriele managed to get the PS5 from media world, with supplies last Thursday, and nowhere notified that he would take the updated form home, he himself said. After all, we’re talking about a minor hardware review, and somewhat physiological, so it’s only natural that Sony doesn’t advertise it as who knows what’s new.

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