A new health card will arrive at your home: change details

The new health card for all citizens is coming. Let’s find out what changes were made in 2022.

The health card changes its appearance. Let’s see what are the most important innovations introduced by the evolution of the card.

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there New health card Distributed since March 1. Citizens who requested a personal document after that date were able to check for changes in the appearance of the card. symbols and The graphics are differentThis is what you notice at first glance. In fact, the revolution involves more of the paper than it Features. Let’s find out, then, the changes decided and made by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

New health card, what you need to know

By decree at the end of March, the Ministry of Economy and Finance announced the disbursement of one payment New health card Which, in fact, will take place on March 1, 2022. The card is still a personal document The small size that is used to reach the performance National Health Service It allows you to select your own tax code. In addition, the health card has been serving as a national service card since 2011, proving that it is necessary to access various services for general management. It is useful, for example, To activate SPID.

As for the changes made to the new document, let’s get started Because there is no emblem of the region Residence. The code was previously placed at the bottom of the front of the card, and has now been removed. We keep reporting Italian and German words For citizens residing in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. When the names contain graphic symbols in addition to letters, they will be listed on the new health card Two lines in columns Which will report the name with diacritics and the name with traditional symbols.

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Other details of the document

there In front of me The document will contain the tax code, name and surname of the card holder, card expiration date, gender, municipality, county of birth, date of birth and three letters in braille format Six standard points correspond to the three letters of the bearer’s tax code. The part with the region logo in the old cards is blank in the new health card while at the bottom of the interface you can see a rectangle under the heading “Regional Health Data”.

Moving to the back, the new document contains European health insurance card with information relevant to healthcare in an EU country; magnetic stripe containing holder data, model identification and financial code in bar code format; the initials of the country that issued the card; Personal data of the bearer (name, surname, date of birth), personal identification number, organization identification number and ID card number.

We conclude with the validity period of the new health card. Still the same old, six years. For a newborn, it will be necessary to renew it After one year.

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