A new game in the series will be announced today by Ubisoft –

Ghost Recon It will have a new chapter, with new game In the next series Announced today October 5, 2021, from Ubisoft with a presentation event tied to the series’ 20th anniversary, as you can also see from the prepared and reported broadcast above.

The 20th Anniversary Exhibition Obviously, dedicated to Ghost Recon includes a celebration of the series, but the most important thing is precisely the fact that, within the event, there is also a “global unveiling of a brand new Ghost Recon project”, which will be presented today accordingly.

According to some leaks, which are not currently confirmed but have been reported by Gamespot and, it appears that nickname Ghost Recon: Frontline may be on the lookout and should deliver some interesting news for the series, according to leakers with the potential for a return of more typical linearity in level design, but at the moment that seems to be speculation without confirmation.

Anyway, what is certain is that the presentation is set for today, October 5, 2021, starting from It’s 7:00 pm in Italy, as is evident from the YouTube broadcast note, awaiting more information from Ubisoft.

For the series in question, the last chapter released is Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which has also been updated for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and some time ago with the Amber Sky crossover event with Rainbow Six Siege. So today we will find out the future of the series, which will obviously include platforms directly Next generation.

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