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According to sources the accountthe leaker who recently gained some notoriety for his advice on Star Wars Eclipse, is currently working on remake from hard lime metaleven if the deep throat is somewhat stingy in the details on the topic.

When asked by a user if a new version of Solid Snake projects is in development, Account NGT has replied With a vague “yes”, without adding other details, such as who is developing it and for what platforms or whether it is a remake of the first Metal Gear Solid or the third chapter, as indicated by several rumors circulating last October that saw the participation of the Virtuos team in the project.

Metal Gear Solid, picture from the first chapter "hard" from the series
Metal Gear Solid, an image from the first “Solid” chapter of the series

In short, for now, we just have to wait for any news. AccountNGT in recent months became known above all after “guessing” various information on Star Wars Eclipse prior to the official announcement, while recently Sony expected State of Play dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy and the inclusion of various Star Wars games in Nvidia’s GeForce Now service. Having said that, we are still talking about unofficial information and it is impossible to verify it, so we recommend taking everything with caution.

Staying in the realm of rumors, it appears that Xbox and Bethesda are working on multiple Disney games.

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