A new danger to children, you need to watch out

It may sound amazing, but some experts have linked some childhood problems to the increased use of smartphones.

Children's smartphones
Young girl holding her smartphone (Canva) – Haircare.it

the smart phones They are now part of us Everyday life, and it seems impossible to think of a past life when we weren’t using it. Today we use them for almost everything: from communicating with our loved ones or co-workers, to using apps that allow us to do our shopping, or make restaurant reservations and go shopping.

The age at which one begins to use the latest generation of mobile phones has decreased more and more, and today it is also not uncommon to see it children Very small with a smartphone already at hand.

It’s often a way for parents to always control their kids, thanks program that can be tracked Global Positioning Systemand then the real-time location of where the person is, or for you to be able to call or video-contact with them when they leave the school.

A nice relief, of course, but it can also have some advantages Risks Just for The health of the little onesas explained by pediatric experts.

Smartphones: all risks to the health of our children

Among the major risks, the scientific and medical community points out Sleep disorders, depression and eating disorders As well as psychological, even with high percentages, among which depression and anxiety problems should be noted in 27.9% of the cases studied.

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In the sample examined by doctors, up to 40% of parents admitted to entertaining children between the ages of 4 and 9 with their smartphone. “Eating with a smartphone increases the risk of eating disorders. If you are drawn to something else, you are unaware of what you are eating. Eating becomes a mechanical gesture and takes away the joyful aspect of the meal that is central to the system of relationships.” Al explained Doctor Mauro Cinetti.

Children's smartphones
Smartphone (Canva) – Haircare.it

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In addition, the specialist from Veneto also emphasized how much it is It is also wrong to put children to sleep With cell phones, they may become addicted to using them at bedtime in the future: “How can you, when he grows up, prevent it from being used before bed if the route has already been determined by the parents? For the physiology of healthy sleep we start right away.”

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