A new Bethesda game will be announced soon, according to a well-known leaker – Multiplayer.it

According to a tip from well-known leaker Belbel Con, Hi Fay RushNew game made Bethesda and Tango GameworksIt will be announced soon, possibly as early as Xbox Developer_Direct and with the possibility of an immediate release.

Based on his sources, Billbil-kun also claims that Hi-Fi Rush will be released in both a Standard and Deluxe Edition and that it is rated “Teen” by the US ESRB and PEGI 12 by the European Rating Board.

The first rumors about Hi-Fi Rush began to circulate in late 2020, when Zenimax registered the trademark for the game. Rumors of the past months don’t describe it as a major AAA production, but rather as a more contained project, a bit like Obsidian’s Pentiment.

As for the game itself, there is conflicting information: there is talk of a sci-fi title, between who calls it a shooter and who is a brawler. There are also those who talk about a similar visual style to Jet Set Radio, although you won’t tell about the concept art shared on Resetera.

If the information shared by Billbil-kun proves to be true, we’ll probably find out the truth during our Xbox Developer_Direct broadcast tomorrow night.

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