A multi-zone gym, after spending millions, everything had to be redesigned: another 175 thousand euros were needed

Completed, years later, and with an investment of hundreds of thousands of euros, tested but without registration, wake-up and fire protection devices.

In fact, the municipality of Agrigento will need at least €170,000 to make the multi-zone gymnasium in Via dei Normanni and Piazza Ugo la Malfa usable. In fact, if the plant was commissioned (it was believed) a few years ago and also underwent an official test in 2020, today it turns out that the city council cannot allow the use of the structure because there are still many necessary tasks. Safety principles are missing.

The story appeared on City Council today, during the session set for question time. To ask about the news, Councilor Roberta Zicari. To answer, on behalf of the Department, Public Works Consultant Gerlando Principato.

The reconstruction made by the official is such that as soon as he took office, Giunta set to work entrusting the plant to schools and sports clubs so that they could use it for their activities. However, the first problems began to appear: first it was discovered that the structure was not partially registered (a fairly common problem in Agrigento), then it was noticed that there were no Scia and Fire certificates. So the assignment procedures are prohibited and work begins on obtaining certificates.

However, here a “Pandora’s box” is literally opened, and between certificates absent, systems not previously built or fixed, and construction errors, in the end the municipality had to concede that at least another €175,000 was needed to arrange everything.

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“After taking note of the test – set by Principato – we expected everything to be fine. Now our commitment is definitely to be able to deliver the structure to the city.”

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