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nintendo A few days ago, it announced the arrival of a new hybrid console model by the end of the year. Let’s talk about Nintendo converts OLED, an improved version of the base model, with a higher quality screen and other small additional features. However, there is no news of any kind in terms of internal components. Anyway, it seems that the last Mold than switch with Double RAM Coming, but only for developers.

Specifically, we are talking about the ADEV development model, which will be added to the previous SDEV and EDEV. This new development will be uploaded to Nintendo Switch 8 GB in RAMCompared to previous development models offering 6GB. The commercial model that we gamers can access has only 4 GB of RAM.

Nintendo Switch has only 4GB of RAM
Nintendo Switch has only 4GB of RAM

Information shared by digital foundry, within the analysis of the new Nintendo Switch OLED. Specifically, the paper wrote: “Games running on the Nintendo Switch OLED have no idea they’re running on a model other than the standard one: Nintendo’s internal development documents reveal that there is no way for games to analyze the system and see if they’re working on an OLED Switch or not.” No. ”

“However, the company recognizes the need to Developers To test their games on the new screen. Starting with this, a new ADEV development model will be made available with the already existing SDEV and EDEV. For reasons not specified by Nintendo, this device offers 8 GB of internal memory, compared to 6 GB on other models and 4G on all commercial models.

Finally, we point out that the PS5 is capable of recharging the Nintendo Switch, but it is best not to do so.

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