A mistake with very serious consequences

There are millions of people around the world who make a huge mistake before bed, a mistake that can also cause many problems for both the mind and the body.

distance overwrought a work day There is nothing nicer than taking a shower, lying in bed, and enjoying a well-deserved rest in your bed with one. good night.

This is the mistake everyone makes but you weren’t aware of. – (Source: Canva)

A good rest is one of the most important things for human life, in fact it is not just sleeping there mind _ mind It relaxes and releases accumulated tension by releasing thoughts, but also body This way it has a way to stabilize pressure, repair tissues and slow down their function physiological and the Metabolism. On average, people should sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day and unfortunately many make a huge mistake before bed which can have serious consequences in the long run. Plus, for some, even getting out of bed can be stressful, here are some tips to start the day in the best possible way.

This is the mistake everyone makes before bed

sleep error
If you sleep poorly, you may risk falling asleep at inopportune moments! . – (Source: Canva)

We have already proven it to success to sleep For a certain period of time, it brings tremendous benefits to the body and mind, but unfortunately the same does not happen to anyone who does it. Fatal error.

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The day is now over and after a lot of work I decided to go to bed and relax a bit using it smart phone To watch videos or a movie to fall asleep. Well, there is nothing more wrong! We almost all make this mistake now without thinking about the actual consequences. Everyone knows this but no one can do without it, but it is known that using a smartphone in bed, time needed to fall asleep.

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This happens due to the strong light emitted by these devices, which alters the natural cycle of day and night. confusing the body reduce its production melatonin;

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This translates to more difficulty falling asleep, which over time can cause a type of insomnia that is difficult to eliminate. So if you care about yourself Psychological health And the Physics These devices should be used responsibly, as insomnia is very dangerous and the ability to sleep well is the basis for living a healthy and balanced life. If you are having trouble sleeping, here is the 4-7-8 method that is definitely right for you.

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