A missing Indonesian policeman has been found

Really unbelievable story those from Iribe Asep. He was the Indonesian policeman Found 17 years after his disappearance. Abreep Was in service on Boxing Day 2004When a tsunami of magnitude 9.1 erupted off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, triggering a tsunami with waves as high as buildings. 230,000 people died while half a million were injured. More than five million displaced. Traces of Asep have been lost until today. The man was found in a psychiatric clinic: Here he spent the last years of his life. As reported by the Daily Mail, The discovery happened by chanceThanks to the photos posted on social networks. “I couldn’t believe it. We hadn’t had any news for 17 years. We thought he was dead, and we didn’t know he was still alive.”A relative of the man said. “His family is very grateful to have found him alive. It is not clear why his family has not been told that he is in a psychiatric hospital.” Spokesperson Aceh Regional Police, Indonesia. Because of the tsunami APREP developed severe trauma and psychiatric disorders Which forced him to lock himself in a specialized center.

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