A missile against an Iranian ship, suspected of an Israeli attack

Tension remains between Israel e Iran: a Rocket Collided with a ship flying the Iranian flag in The Red SeaThis is what The Times of Israel reported. The attack was reported in the past few hours and would have taken place near Yemen.

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The Saviz is suspected of operating as an operations room from which the Islamic Republic collects information on Saudi Arabia and Yemen to assist the Houthi rebels. So the ship could be a ship carrying out intelligence activities linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Instead, the Saudi Al-Hadath channel reported an attack off the coast of Eritrea, in the aftermath of an Israeli operation. And the Arabic radio adds that the ship was damaged, but it did not sink.

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Two merchant ships owned by Israeli businessmen in the Gulf of Oman area have been attacked in recent months. Israel attributes these two attacks to Iran. Since 2019, Israel has attacked Iranian cargo ships and oil tankers in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, with the aim of countering arms smuggling to Hezbollah and sabotaging oil shipments to Syria.

The last ship attacked was the Kurdish cargo ship, which struck about 80 km off the coast of Israel about two months ago. Iranian officials claimed that Israel was responsible for a possible air strike.

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