A milestone for future medicine, the human genome map has been completed

He fulfilled the “dream” that the scientific community built after years of research. This opens the way for detailed knowledge of each chromosome

New map now included 3.9 billion base pairs, compared to 3.2 billion of the first sequence of the human genome obtained twenty years ago and also includes 8% “missing” of DNA.

DNA without secrets The research constitutes a “technically significant step forward,” commented Technopol Human Director, Ian Matag. In 2000, when the first mapping of the human genome was announced, the technology did not allow the sequencing of those stretches of DNA that frequently repeat and make up about 5% of the human genome.

new data It was obtained from unfamiliar human cells, which contain two identical sets of the same 23 chromosomes, but this is a proof of principle that it will now be possible to obtain a complete genome sequence. In addition to highly repetitive DNA sequences, which are thought to be involved in both the regulation of gene expression and genome evolution, the search reveals 3,400 new protein-coding genes, 4% more than those identified in the Genome Project.

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