A meeting was held with representatives of general practitioners

“We are living in a very delicate moment. At this point, the work that GPs are doing is indispensable.” Thus, the Emergency Commissioner for Covid Catania, Pino Liberte, who will take part on Monday 10 January, will take part in an urgent meeting to be convened by the Head of the Regional Activities Department with the institutional representatives of GPs. “The meeting – explains Liberty – will aid in the discussion, given the gravity of the situation, how, at the district level, the work of general practitioners, indispensable actors in this emergency situation can be facilitated. Communication between Oska University and general medicine must be improved by all means.” “I am sorry that my statement (“Avoid asymptomatic patients who end up in the hospital because they have no interlocutors”) created outrage. Precisely – continues Liberty – that it was not in any way referred to GPs. I was referring to The Covid emergency call center, which in recent days has been struggling to provide timely answers to all users. We receive an average of about 35,000 phone calls per day. But we can only answer 10% of the calls. I know very well the hard work that has been done from The GPs accepted and their commitment is very valuable. It is a very difficult time for everyone. We are going through a bad period, but I am confident. With everyone’s contribution we will be able to overcome this emergency.”

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