A man survived for more than 14 hours in the Pacific Ocean, clinging to an old buoy

a leg Survived For more than 14 hours in the Pacific Ocean it clung to a buoy, a small signal buoy, after falling from the ship he was on. The man, Vidam Pervertilov, a 52-year-old Lithuanian engineer, was working on February 16 on a cargo ship that was moving between New Zealand’s port of Tauranga and Pitcairn Islands, a British overseas territory. Pervertilov said he felt ill at about 4 a.m. after a change in engine room and stepped out onto the deck to recover. Then he fell into the sea. He did not wear a life jacket, but managed to stay afloat until dawn and then decided to swim to the “black point” which he saw several miles away.

Prevertilov’s son, Marat, Tell To the New Zealand news site Things That the father escaped by clinging to the old buoy that did not prove anything, describing it as a “piece of garbage.” It took about six hours for the crew to notice Pervertilov was no longer on the ship. Not found in the immediate vicinity, the captain returned the ship, and after a few hours the crew was able to locate and rescue him.

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