A major and significant new amnesty for tax evasion has now been approved more or less secretly

What is and what does the new, large and important amnesty for tax evasion, secretly approved in the Decree-Law, mean? Between the extension of tax breaks for the purchase of energy and gas, the increase in the number of beneficiaries of social bonuses for light and gas, and the tax credit for innovative startups, the new law decree also provides for a new tax truce scheme intended for certain categories of people. Below, let’s see what the new, hidden amnesty provided for in the Decree-Law is.

  • An important new amnesty for tax evasion in ordinance bills
  • When can a new amnesty be applied against tax evasion in the Decree Laws?

An important new amnesty for tax evasion in ordinance bills

The New Bills Ordinance contains, surreptitiously and unobtrusively, a new amnesty for tax evasion Which, paradoxically, affects the big tax evaders, that is, those who evaded a lot of money and became almost uncountable.

According to what the government decided, and with the aim of recovering part of the tax evasion, the major tax evaders can abide by the new tax amnesty that It provides for the repeal of criminal offenses if the guilty parties adhere to or abide by the facilitative definitions provided for in the 2023 Budget Law.

In fact, it is a matter of a new step on the part of the government towards that new relationship that it wants to establish between taxpayers and the tax authorities, based on trust and transparency, which Prime Minister Meloni herself has also reiterated over and over again.

According to the provisions of the new law decree, the crime of tax evasion and the consequent criminal procedures shall be forfeited if the taxpayer shows that he has settled the violations and evasion committed with the soft amnesty stipulated in the 2023 Budget Law and the possibility of its occurrence. of the installments due.

As required by the new law decree, the criminal offenses that can be “remedied” are:

  • omit the payment of VAT;
  • omit the payment of withholding taxes;
  • Unpaid compensation for unpaid credits.

When can a new amnesty be applied against tax evasion in the Decree Laws?

Therefore, as stipulated in the new law decree, evaders in some specific cases will be able to benefit from not being punished except in the case of close agreement with the public treasury and the possibility of abolishing the crime of tax evasion. Related to the following tax evasion cases and certain amounts:

  • €150,000 for each tax period in the reimbursement of withholding taxes;
  • 250 thousand for each tax period in the omitted payment of VAT;
  • 50,000 Euros per annum for undue compensation for undue credits.

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