A Love Letter. Ronaldo: “I will be part of your world and your culture”

  Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

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The words of his last interview sparked a flurry of speculation. Now, Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to announce his desire to keep his contract, as well as inflate the Saudi Championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo has confirmed that he will stay in Saudi Arabia next season. The 38-year-old striker wanted clarification after rumors circulated that he might return to Europe.

The Saudi league star put an end to speculation in an interview in Saudi Arabia in which he announced his intention to stay in the Middle East and argued that the Saudi league could become “one of the top five leagues in the world”.

“I am happy here and I want to continue here and I will continue here,” he said. “And in my opinion, in five years, I think the Saudi League can be one of the five best teams in the world.”

Therefore, the Portuguese wanted to reassure his Saudi fans and his employer by sending a clear message about belonging to the cause, not just sports.

“I will be a part of your world, your culture, I will be here and I hope that I will entertain people with my games, my performances and win something. Once again thank you for welcoming me and I will try to do my best during the period I will be in”, added the man who wore the shirts of Manchester United and Real Madrid And Juventus in his career.

Well, my expectations were a little different, to be honest I expected to win something this year, but it’s not always how we think or how we want, sometimes we need passion, consistency and perseverance to get the best things.

In the interview, the 38-year-old also spoke about some of his training habits and the changes he has adapted to in Saudi Arabia compared to the UK and Europe. «An example of this is that in Europe we train more in the morning, while here we train in the afternoon, or in the evening, and during the month of Ramadan, we train at ten in the evening. And the victory player concluded, “These situations are part of the experience of memories.”

Despite his 14 goals in 16 league matches during the second half of the season, Al-Ittihad was preceded in the table by five points by Nuno Espirito Santo.

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