A London court rejected the Polisario

The work of NGOs close to the Polisario Front has suffered a setback in recent days. Indeed, as reported by news agencies, “the London Administrative Court rejected, on Monday, the request of a British non-governmental organization (WSC), acting on behalf of the” Polisario “, which challenged the partnership agreement between Morocco and Great Britain. With this ruling, the British judiciary confirms the validity of the partnership agreement Between Morocco and the United Kingdom, which fully benefits the population and the development of all regions of the Kingdom, from north to south, without exception.In this way, a new setback is inflicted on the enemies of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, who are trying to cover up their repeated failures, trying in vain to persuade British justice to revise the trade agreement After Brexit, which was concluded and supported by the two kingdoms. Once the ruling was issued, the British government reaffirmed its commitment to continuing the partnership with Morocco. “We welcome today’s ruling. “We will continue to work closely with Morocco to maximize the £2.7 billion of trade between our two countries,” a spokesperson for Britain’s Department for International Trade said.

“We look forward to continuing exchanges with our Moroccan counterparts through the Association Council next year,” he stressed. The Association Agreement between Morocco and the United Kingdom, signed in London on October 26, 2019, entered into force on January 1, 2021. The agreement restores, in the context of bilateral relations, all the effects that the two countries have granted to each other under the Association Agreement between Morocco and the European Union. This ensures the continuation of trade between Morocco and the United Kingdom after December 31, 2020. By allowing the two kingdoms to settle definitively into a structured strategic partnership, equipped with operational and institutional cooperation tools, and guided by a common ambition, the agreement constitutes a guarantee for Moroccan and British companies establishing economic and trade relations in all sectors of cooperation It covers the entire territory of the Kingdom.

This sentence has a double value. The first concerns relations between the United Kingdom and Morocco. Indeed, it strengthens the historical bond between the two countries, which has been strengthened in recent years by significant British investments in Morocco. The second, and more important in terms of importance, concerns a setback for those who still today support separatist forces in Morocco. In some ways, the position taken by the Spanish Supreme Court in 2020 which imposed a ban on the display of flags of unrecognized entities, and that they cannot be displayed in public buildings. An important sentence, the Spanish one, which also relates to the so-called “monitored” flags and which is somewhat similar to the ruling issued by the Administrative Court in London.

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