“A lady has a heart attack in the yard, a nurse rushes in and saves her”

Letters – Valerano – OPI Regional President Mario Curzi’s story: “Tomaso Diana arrived from his home and administered first aid”

Valerano We receive and publish – it happens sometimes. It happens that you live in a small village at the foot of Mount Cimino, Vallerano, and you are quietly walking in the main square to do your shopping, when suddenly you feel a tingling in your right hand, an incomparable pain in the chest, a sensation of pain attacking you. But you don’t have time to realize that you’re falling to the ground, falling to the ground: a heart attack.

Mario Korzi

Mario Korzi

Your life is hanging by a thread, and it would have ended there, had it not been for the fact that the mayor of the charming village does not know Dr. Tommaso Diana well, who is not the GP, but the sanitary specialist the nurse of the regional emergency company 118, also residing in that place, who at that moment, however She stays at his house in complete relaxation.

And as it often happens among professionals, who are accustomed to putting together movement mechanisms that have been tested through years of experience and study, he quickly arrives in the box, notes, and assesses the seriousness of the situation, orders the pharmacist useful tools to intervene, and sees two nearby rescuers previously trained from Kiss it and create a team.

Then they perform CPR in time and save the woman’s life.

Help finally arrives with the ambulance, the patient appears stable and is taken to the emergency room.

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It happens on an exciting June afternoon, in a small town at the foot of Mount Semino, when you meet a nurse on your way, Tommaso, who has put into practice an intellectual course of study undertaken in his career years. A university course based on scientific evidence on best practices using the tool and problem solving, which allowed him to identify the most appropriate sources, solutions and procedures in the shortest possible time to solve the situation in the best possible way.

Who knows if this episode can dissuade those who still claim that enough “30,000 workers are nothing and make them work as nurses”, or who still think that health care consists of doctors and “collaborators”.

Thank you, Tommaso. Thank you in the name of the person you saved, for the family you saved. I thank you on behalf of the profession you have represented when you have acted professionally, knowingly and conscientiously.

Yes, that’s right, it happens sometimes.

Mario Korzi
President of the Union of Nursing Professions Viterbo

June 23, 2021

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