A Japanese trainer set up a gym for 1422 days, with a trick –

Japanese coach Pokemon GO I managed to keep one Sport club For 1,422 days, or nearly four years in a row, after Blissey was placed on her. Considering that Pokémon GO launched in Japan about 1,800 days ago (July 22, 2016) and holding a gym for more than one day is often very difficult, this is an absolute record, even if there is in this case Make-up. The man also provided a source photo to testify on his record and then explained how he obtained it.

Reddit user BootsMade4Walking kept the previous record of gym retention, which managed to last 1,332 days and seven hours, but lost it to someone whose GPS coordinates were tampered with.

But let’s get to the system the record manager uses, which is nothing more than an exploitation of the dictatorship. The brave Japanese is a university professor from Tokyo, who identifies himself as “the strongest Pokémon GO player in the University of Tokyo” (who knows if he also reported this in his bio). When he opened the gym he was there China for work. Normally he doesn’t have free internet there, but that morning he was able to log in with his Google account. Now, Pokémon GO cannot be played in China, despite the layout of the routes. Did you get the trick? The gym is mainly located in an area where there are no players. Indeed, poor Plessy is more a captive than a hero. China always gives us great satisfaction

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