A Japanese military submarine collided with a merchant ship in the Pacific on Monday, causing severe damage.

On Monday, a submarine belonging to the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Collided With a ship Bulk carrier From Hong Kong not far from the island of Shikoku, in southern Japan, in the Pacific Ocean, with more serious damage than was initially found. A section of the submarine command tower, 84 meters long, was destroyed, and the system that allowed to control the depth of the dive and communication systems, including antennas, was also damaged: for this reason, the accident was reported. I was three hours late to arrive in Ashizori Prefecture – south of the island – and via mobile phone.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi He said That the submarine failed to avoid collision despite seeing the ship through binoculars during the surface stage, and that the ministry would work with officials of the Navy and Coast Guard to clarify the circumstances of the accident. Three crew members were slightly injured in the collision, which was transported to the port of Kobe near Osaka on Tuesday. The bulk carrier, with about twenty crew members, was undamaged.

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