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Huge iceberg
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a Huge icebergwhich is comparable in size to the great city of London, it broke away from it Ice shelf in Antarctica Near a research station. The researchers said this was the second split of its kind in two years. the British Antarctic Survey (bas) explained that the formation of the new iceberg, in a natural process called “I’m leavingNot because of accelerating climate change loss of sea ice In the’North Pole And in parts ofAntarctica.

Iceberg in question, which has an area of ​​1,550 square kilometers, broke away from the ice shelf brunt (150 meters thick), a decade after scientists first discovered it Huge cracks in the platform. An incredible calving like this one, involving a 1,270 square kilometer iceberg, happened about a year ago. As shown Dominic HodgsonIce World BAS: This birth event was expected and is part of the normal behavior of the Brant Ice Shelf. It has nothing to do with climate change“.

search station Halley VI affiliate United kingdom He monitors the condition of the vast floating ice shelf every day, but he didn’t count on the latest breakup. The mobile research base was moved indoors for safety concerns in 2016-17 as cracks in the ice threatened to disable it. Then he added Hodgson: “Our science and operations teams continue to monitor the ice shelf in real time to make sure it’s safe and to keep the science we’re doing in Halley delivered.”

to me basthe world’s leading environmental research company in the region, should be taken in by planes around February 6th.

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