A high-speed solar storm is about to hit Earth – here are the consequences

a solar storm It’s about to hit Earth at an excessive speed estimated by NASA ناس 1.6 million kilometers per hour.

The storm is the result of the flow of charged particles and the solar wind that is now moving towards our planet. The flux can reach the Earth’s magnetic field Sunday 11 or Monday 12 July.

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center, differences in the solar wind can lead to changes in Earth’s magnetic fields. This is an unlikely hypothesis, but it is not impossible.

What could it be Ramifications Earth’s magnetic field difference? A storm can heat the Earth’s outer atmosphere and have a direct effect on satellites.

As a result, it can occur Interruptions in GPS signalsCell phone communications and satellite television signal. Interference may also occur with electric current.

A solar storm can also produce the northern and southern aurora that can be observed at the poles. The twilight They are actually optical phenomena that are generated by the charged particles from the sun that are released by the solar wind. When the particles encounter Earth’s atmosphere, they react with nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases, and emit colorful lights.

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Reference source: space climate

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