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A grueling release of RFET against Tennis Australia

Craig Tilly, the great Australian tennis coach, is walking around with a goal on his back. There was never a day in the 1990s and more that he didn’t have to dodge – or rather dodge – arrows shot at nearly anyone involved in the process. Said SaleI am Today was no exception. To counter a very harsh statement against the upper echelons of Tennis Australia This time it was the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, Deeply disturbed by the treatment given to two of its members.

Firstly, we intend to express our full solidarity with the Spanish players who are suffering the dire consequences of the lockdown in Australia Debut of the note. While respecting the decisions of the government and the Australian Tennis Foundation, RFET feels obliged to clarify the followingAnd the continuation, divided into six points, This is evidenced by the administrative body’s rebuke From the racket Australian, Guilty of submitting Mario Villela and the formidable teenager Carlos Alkaraz – both of whom were eliminated from the Doha Qualifiers – For unforeseen restrictive measuresGiven the circumstances.

Although the athletes were informed that the positive streak would prevent them from entering the tournament and the state, no one made it clear that they would be subject to complete imprisonment. If other people are positive during their trips-Regardless of communications with themVillela and Alkaraz, despite themselves, found themselves implicated in the unfortunate circumstances, and they were placed in solitary confinement. With no opportunity for training abroad Of the hotel rooms involved.

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We understand the need to protect the health of players, the public, employees and residents, but we believe that any measure must take into account the physical and psychological health of tennis players. Especially, Mario Villela and Carlos Alcaraz cannot train on the field despite being passiveThis will prevent them from competing on equal terms with their peers in the Australian Open. Not only that: a full fourteen-day lockdown It will also have negative effects on the rest of the season“.

Finally, the appeal of the Spanish Federation, which, at least for the time being, has not been matched by any counter-opponent by Tennis Australia. “Professional athletes desperately need training to remain competitive and avoid injury. All this is considered, We ask the organization to solve the situation of the tennis players most affected Of the measures involved, in particular the evaluation of Vilella and Alcaraz, which are the specific topic of this note“.

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