A great success for the 2022 edition of the Sons of Italy Foundation Ceremony

Italian Americans Linda Bastianich, Hon. Rosa de lauro, Angelo Vivolo and Laurie Siricchio.

honorable Rosa de lauro (US Congressman), Lydia Matique Bastianche (Head Chef and Restaurant), Angelo Fivolo (philanthropist and businessman) H Laurie Siricio Hollander (President and Co-Founder of Help Our Military Heroes) Honored by Sons of Italy Foundation (SIF) At the 33rd Annual National Education and Leadership Awards (NELA) held at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. For the nineteenth year in a row, the actor Joe Mantegna He was the master of ceremonies at the NELA Gala.

Since 1989, several million dollars in scholarships have been awarded at NELA Gala. SIF head, Joseph SciamCommenting on the success of the 33rd Year Celebration Ceremony, he emphasized the annual offer of scholarships by the Foundation: “Our NELA Gala this year has been a truly exceptional event, especially for the nineteen scholarship recipients who have been given adequate gratification for the commitment demonstrated in their studies and who, thanks to the generosity of our donors and our foundation, will be able to continue to profit“.

The OSDIA National President Robert Bianchi He declared: “IOn the occasion of our annual gala, we have proudly distributed scholarships to highly deserving students, raised funds to purchase modified trucks for disabled veterans, as well as many other charitable causes ranging from assistance to caring for numerous illnesses to caring for displaced children in Ukraine. We are a group of men and women who have supported the Italian American community over the years by showing how our organization continues to make a difference in our community, keeping Italian culture alive in America. I especially thank the head of the foundation, Joseph Schiam, for making what I think is the best release ever!“.

The NELA Gala represents the Organization of Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA), and is one of the most important annual events. – I announced Carmelo Catoli Former President and Founder of OSDIA Branch in Rome – As a tradition, this edition witnessed the participation of the most representative and influential members of the Italian American community, confirming, despite the slowdown imposed by the recent pandemic crisis, the great vitality of OSDIA, the oldest and most coherent reality of support for Italian Americans. It was founded in 1905 by the Sicilian physician, Vincenzo Cellaro“.

L ‘Mrs. Rosa de lauro Received the SIF NELA 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award for Public Service. Representative DeLauro is a congressman from Connecticut’s 3rd congressional district and chairs the House Appropriations Committee, as well as the Appropriations for Labor, Health, Social Services, and Education Subcommittee. In her speech, the representative told the story of her family, an immigrant from southern Italy, who had to overcome prejudices and difficulties before integrating in the United States. He cited the values ​​and teachings he learned in his home as essential factors for his continuing career in public service.

Lydia Matique Bastianche Received the 2022 SIF Lifetime Achievement Award for Culinary Arts. The famous TV presenter, Emmy-winning owner of a thriving restaurateur and entertainment business, told the audience that she found her strength in the art of Italian cuisine and that she shares it widely with the world, meeting interesting people. Senior diplomats. Even the Pope.

We must continue to be vigilant and support each other so that our collective voice is heard“, He said Angelo Vivolo, who received”SIF Lifetime Achievement Award in Italian-American Leadership”. Upon receiving the award, he spoke of his lifelong commitment to Italian heritage and culture. As president of the Columbus Heritage Alliance, dedicated to preserving the legacy of Christopher Columbus, he commented on his support for Columbus Day and to the preservation of the Columbus statues, while emphasizing that they are a symbol of the successes of the Italian-American community.

The 2022 SIF Award for Courage and Patriotism has been awarded Laurie Siricio Hollander. Siricio Hollander is the president and co-founder of Help Our Military Heroes (HOMH), a non-profit organization that deals with the delivery of adaptable pickup trucks to disabled military heroes. He cited his parents as the reason for his calling and his deep sense of patriotism and service:The values ​​my parents taught me were reinforced when I volunteered at St. Paul’s Church in Ground Zero after 9/11, and even more so when my children joined the military many years later. Raising funds to assist our armed forces and wounded veterans, and eventually founding the aid of our military heroes, was the corollary of this commitment.“.

In addition to rewarding outstanding members of the Italian-American community, SIF . has been honored 19 bonus For university students and graduates of Italian descent for their academic performance, school leadership and community service. Compared to last year, when 15 students benefited from SIF Scholarships, the generosity of the donors and the foundations of the Italian American community indicates greater support for the Figli d’Italia.

The annual NELA Gala at SIF has raised millions of dollars and has hosted many notable personalities. Previous editions have featured US presidents, members of Congress and Cabinet, and foreign diplomats. Previous winners of SIF are the President Bill Clintonpresident George W. BushItalian President Giorgio NapolitanoJustices of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Scalia And the Samuel AlitoFormer Defense Minister Leon Panetta vice Geraldine Ferrarothe former CEO of Fiat Sergio MarchionnePioneers of science and medicine Dr. Anthony FauciAnd the Robert Gallo And the Michael Sophia; the artist Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Annette Funicello, and Gary Sinise; sports legends Mario AndrettiAnd the Geno Orima And the Tommy Lasorda.

Founded in 1959, SIF is the charitable arm ofOrder of Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA), The largest and oldest national support organization for Italian Americans. SIF has contributed tens of millions of dollars in scholarships, medical research, disaster relief, cultural projects, veteran causes and other special projects. Proceeds from NELA Gala help fund his charitable activity.

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