A girl dies after being attacked by her dog in her sleep

In the UK, an internal tragedy has occurred these days, by one 25 year old girl She died after being bitten in her sleep cane the family. The news episode took place on Friday afternoon in Birmingham, where the unfortunate woman lived with her relatives and a dog, however, press releases are not unique. For some posts it will be the bullmastiff, a molossoid breed that experts consider dangerous due to the size and teeth of the animal, while others recognize the beast with the powerful Staffordshire bull terrier. The victim has been summoned Keira Ladlow It runs a pub in the city mentioned above. It was she who saved the offending dog from straying in the past and welcomed him into her home after she accidentally found him in the garden.

According to initial reconstructions, the girl was alone in the house at the time of the accident, and only area residents had heard her desperate screams. According to local police, the unfortunate woman was attacked while she was sleeping by the animal, which could have bitten her until her arm was completely torn off. The neighbors were disturbed by Kira’s agonizing screams, and they immediately reported to the police, who, as soon as she got to the girl’s house, found her in a lifeless bed with signs of dog aggression. The latter, whose race is not yet confirmed, will soon be dropped by customers.

According to some testimonies collected by investigators, the young woman was a dog lover and would have brought home the offending animal to fill the void left by her former dog, a pit bull that died of cancer weeks earlier. Neighbors say that the 25-year-old hasn’t actually been able to make a good relationship with her new four-legged friend yet, sinceFear of dog aggressionAccording to other opposition testimonies, the animal, on the contrary, was completely accustomed to life in Kira’s house, recognizing the presence of the girl and her relatives as a familiar matter.

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